4ft Hexagonal Carbon Fiber Gaff

Regular price $250.00

4ft hexagonal carbon fiber gaffs with Winthrop hook. Hooks come in 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch. Gimble butt cap to lock into a rod holder. This is a great picker gaff and for handling fish around the boat. Great for boats with low gunnels.

Tough and light. The hex shape adds to the great grips on these gaffs  all Hexcarbon gaffs are made with American made carbon fiber.

2” hooks are for fish under 30#. If in doubt, go with the 3”. 

Our warranty on gaffs is for materials and workmanship. Misuse is not warranted. We use what we feel is the best hook on the market and a bent hook is not failure of materials. Our policy is return the gaff to us and we determine if it is warranty or misuse. We also offer with a returned gaff the availability to purchase a new one at 50% off retail plus shipping.