IGFA Trolling/Chair Rod

Regular price $1,100.00

These are the ultimate marlin rod designed for use with a fighting chair. These rods are build on Seeker IGFA Trolling blanks. These blanks are very stiff and perfect for driving the hook into a marlins hard mouth. There rods use all Winthrop rollers and come on long Alps #4 or #6 butts. Xwrap Grips or hand turned natural cork grips are available. 
These are built to order and can be made up to 8’ 6” in length and designed to clear the gunnels when fishing from a fighting chair. 

These come in 50 class, 80 class and 130 class. 

When you place your order we will call to work out all of the details and dial in the rod for your exact needs.

Build times are approximately 6-8 weeks. 

Please call us with any questions.